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3 octobre 2017
Rendez-vous musical
Saint-Pierre des Cuisines
Toulouse (France)

Surrounded with excellent musicians, the composer invite you for a special event not to be missed!

World Premiere

The great guitarist Thibaut Garcia has decided to offer “Moment musical, Op. 26, n°4” to audiences all over the world.


Listen to the works: there you find all the recordings of works by the composer!

The March…, Op. 22, n°2

musical joke for orchestra
Download audio

Boreal, Opus 19

for trumpet, piano & vibes
Download audio

Works, Volume 1

Album: “Works, Volume 1”

First volume of recordings, entirely produced by the composer.

A wonderful adventure, musical as well as human, full of learnig and sharing; this album has been recorded from April 14 to 24, 2012, at F.A.M.E.’S. Project Studio (Skopje, Republic Of Macedonia), by the musicians of the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra.
For the very first time in his early career, the composer can finally share his music with a wider audience.

Other Activities

Vincent A. Jockin

The composer has been honoured to accompany on piano the trio gan ainm, group founded in 2001 together with his best friends, Jacob Fournel — great tin and low whistler on the traditional irish scene — and Josselin Fournel, his own brother, — incomparable percussionist when playing his bodhrán…


Vincent A. Jockin

Vincent Alexandre Jockin was born in Toulouse (France), on 31st of May, 1976, midst of a happy and music-loving family. Beginning with 1995, after obtaining the Bachelor’s degree of Science (B.S.), he decides to devote himself entirely to composition and continues his musical studies at the University, then at the Conservatory.

Nowadays, counting with a fifteen-year career as a composer, he is already the author of more than fifty pieces for various formations (orchestra, choir, quartet, piano, etc.). Since 2012, the growing interest of world music performers for this music gives rise to more and more premieres (France, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia).

Video of the Month

Vincent A. Jockin: Prelude, Op. 26, n°2.
Performed by Vladimir Kostov.

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