If he was asked to define his musical ideal, in a few words, here comes his answer: “a Mozart’s Sonata form or a Bach’s Fugue, coloured with the harmonic language of a John Williams!

Vincent A. Jockin’s music shapes up around a tonal harmonic system, enriched with modes of diverse origins, and a formal thematic construction with development. The initial aim is to expose all the elements in opposition in order to create, consequently, a real equilibrium. The principe of the Sonata Form is used, besides the harmonic tensions, to create rhytmic tensions as well.

However, revolutioning music is not his goal; he simply want to modestly contribute at renewing and actualising the Sonata Form; form which he considers, the same way he considers Fuga Form, as convincing, rich, far from being overtaken, and still having much to say...

His way of advancing is not paying attention to contemporary orientations and mondern aesthetic trends; but being honest and determinated. Compose, compose, compose! Compose now and always. And someday, why not, I hope to get finally to write a work as great Pablo Picasso described: “There is, in art, neither past, nor future. The art which is not in the present will never be.

A composer to support,
without a doubt.
Gaëlle Le Gallic
Elaborate, rich, personal:
music of pleasure.
Serge Chauzy
We listened, we liked.
A composer to follow...
Denisa Kerschova

Composer since the late nineties, Vincent Alexandre Jockin, born in 1976 in Toulouse, is already the author (member of SACEM) of more than sixty pieces for various formations: solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet, choir, orchestra; piano, guitar, strings, woodwinds, brass...

worksVOLUME 1 In May 2012, he produced an album entirely dedicated to his music. The album will have a great review in ClassicToulouse (Web Magazine), and also on France Musique (French National Public Radio) where it will be presented by Gaëlle Le Gallic and then by Denisa Kerschova.

We don’t sell music. We share it. Leonard Bernstein

Music must humbly seek to please,
extreme complication is the opposite of art.
Claude Debussy

Take a model, imitate it.
If you have nothing to say
you’ll have nothing better to do than copy.
If you have something to say
your personality will never look better
that in your subconscious infidelity.
Maurice Ravel

LIVING MUSIC! Since 2012, the growing interest of world music performers for this music gives rise to more and more premieres across Europe: France, United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania... and all around the world: USA, Brésil, Australia, Asia...

Several pieces were then distinguished at festivals and composition competitions. This is an opportunity for the composer to meet international musicians, to befriend some of them, and to see that his music can affect both the performers and the audience. Unquestionably, the beginning of new musical journeys...

Then he had the opportunity to collaborate with the clarinetist Bruno Philipp, the excellent guitarist Thibaut Garcia or the unclassifiable Christophe Saunière (harp), as well as on numerous occasions with the brilliant soloists of the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse, such as David Minetti (clarinet), Hugo Blacher (trumpet) or Thibault Buchaillet (percussion). He also has the chance to work with European ensembles such as Simply Brass or Camerata Cantilly, to name a few...

Beyond the creation and interpretation of his works by musicians around the world, Vincent A. Jockin wishes to share his art directly with the public of Toulouse, his hometown.

He then decides, once a year, to present his work during a particular concert in his invoice and its programming: the idea of a musical “rendez-vous” was born! Since 2017, three editions have already taken place at the Auditorium Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines in Toulouse. Sixty pieces of music were performed there, including a good third of original creations in front of nearly a thousand people (cumulative audience).

The composer collaborated with many professional musicians in the region, including musicians from Orchestre Occitania, Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse and Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse. Vincent A. Jockin also highlights the work of other composer friends such as Alan Holley (Australia) or Stéphane Delplace (France), and many others will follow...

If you want to know more about the organization of these concerts, please don’t hesitate to visit the RENDEZ-VOUS MUSICAL website...

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