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Concerning My Art

Post published on May 31, 2007
Concerning My Art

If I were asked to define my musical ideal, in a few words, here comes my answer: “a Mozart’s Sonata form or a Bach’s Fugue, coloured with the harmonic language of a John Williams!

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. Albert Einstein

My music shapes up around a tonal harmonic system, enriched with modes of diverse origins, and a formal thematic construction with development. The initial aim is to expose all the elements in opposition in order to create, consequently, a real equilibrium. The principe of the Sonata Form is used, besides the harmonic tensions, to create rhytmic tensions as well.

However, revolutioning music is not my goal: who am I to do so? My aim is, just as simple as that, to modestly contribute at renewing and actualising the Sonata Form; form which I consider, the same way I consider Fuga Form, as convincing, rich, far from being overtaken, and still having much to say...

My way of advancing is not paying attention to contemporary orientations and mondern aesthetic trends; but being honest and determinated, absolute I might say. Compose, compose, compose! Compose now and always. And someday, why not, I hope to get finally to write a work as great Pablo Picasso described: “There is, in art, neither past, nor future. The art which is not in the present will never be.